Naagin 6, April 23, Written Updates: Pratha aka Tejasswi is in shock to find out her Baba is the 5th Asur

Today’s episode of Naagin 6 begins with Pratha (Tejaswi Prakash) unable to transform herself into the best remaining Naagin, while Rishabh (Simba Nagpal) gets into a brawl with some goons. As one of the goons tries to shoot Rishabh, Pratha jumps in the middle and the bullet slips out of his hand. Rishabh gets furious and kills the donkeys of the bad guys. Police arrived and brought the situation under control. Also read- TOP TV News Recap: Shahnaz Gill meets Salman Khan and Shah Rukh, Tejashwi Prakash-Karan Kundrra’s wedding plans and more

Rishabh brings Pratha home and the doctor assures them that she will be fine. Moments later, Mehak (Mahek Chahal) asks her why she has not been able to use her supernatural powers. He suspects that someone has interfered with his gem. Pratha wonders if Rehaan is conspiring against her as he saw her in her Naagin avatar. She secretly sends a message from Rehaan’s phone to her father asking her to meet him immediately. Also read- Are Tejashwi Prakash and Karan Kundra getting married? Paps tease Tejran as they see signs – watch video

He runs to the room and grabs Rehaan by the throat and asks him why he asked him to meet him here. But Rehaan doesn’t know everything. Then Pratha comes and tells Baba that this was her plan and she learns that Baba is the fifth Asura she is looking for. There is also Baba who stole the gem of custom. As Pratha tries to snatch the gem, Baba punches her in the wound and goes to the Himalaya Mountains. He then uses the gem to summon Pratha to take away her powers. Also read- TRP Report Week 15: Rupali Ganguly’s Anupama ratings drop, Tejashwi Prakash’s Naagin 6 gets a big blow

Pratha and Mehek are in shock that their father is an asura and is trying to destroy the country. As the two sisters question him, Baba shares his pain of his family’s separation from him with a picture on that fateful night. After the incident he tried to find Pratha and Mehek, but he could not. Over the years, he became toxic and vowed to destroy the country which has only given him pain and misery.

Baba tells Pratha that he had changed Mani when he became Shesh Naagin. He has now taken the original gem out of it and left the poisonous gem inside it. Now, the practice will poison everything it will touch. Mehak tries to stop Baba but is attacked by a swarm of eagles. Baba finally gives up on the custom and the eagle keeps biting her as she runs to save Mehak.

Baba wants the practice to shed its blood in the valley and its poison to spread throughout the country. Pratha crawls his way to a nearby Ram temple and asks for strength. Baba then loses his grip on the gem and drops it on the ground. Pratha pounces on him but fails to catch him. But the very next moment Lord Rama shows his presence by shaking the entire Himalayan mountain. Baba loses the Mani and Pratha eventually embraces it to regain her supernatural powers.

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