Nadia Afgan Says Talentless People Have Become Stars |

Today is the era of social media and we have stars who are coming through Dubsmash and Tiktok. They become an overnight sensation and then we get to see them in mainstream dramas and movies like Danneer Mobeen from their Pawari Horahi Hai video to Sinf E Ahaan. It is a worldwide phenomenon as we saw TikToker Addison Rai getting a film on Netflix, while Indian social media sensations are also becoming a part of Bollywood. The same was indicated by Nadia Afgan in Tauseek Haider’s show.

Nadia Afghan shared that she was doing an ad for a telecom company where they were deciding how she would look. She shared that instead of asking what they should do to or from each other, they just randomly checked her Instagram and picked a look from there.

Nadia Afghan Says Talentless People Become Stars

Nadia further added that in this age companies just check your social media followers and offer you deals. He said that it is good for actors as they earn a lot of money from one post but this has increased the number of people in the industry and now there are many untalented people who are very famous because of whatever they do on social media. went. ,

Nadia Afghan Says Talentless People Become Stars

Nadia said that social media is a necessary evil and they have to learn to use it. This is what he had to say about talentless people becoming stars these days: