Neetu Kapoor’s Flair For Fashion Reeks In These Vintage Looks & Why The Song ‘Tere Chehre Se Nazar Nahin’ Will Suit Her Forever

Neetu Kapoor’s 5 Best Vintage Fashion Looks (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Neetu Kapoor is known for her fashion as well as being a talented actress. She was and remains a style icon, often giving stunning looks to her fans. While we’re fans of her recent fits, be it ethnic or western, today we’re taking a tour of some of her iconic vintage fashions.

Recently, Kapoor dazzled with inspiration-worthy wedding looks from her son Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding. The thing that grabbed our attention the most was the after-party dress. A dark emerald sequin shirt and matching harem inspired pants paired with a Herms crocodile bag made her look even more beautiful!

Talking about the retro look, the first fit of Neetu Kapoor that we are going to talk about is this. The red overalls paired with the shirt are daring and Comfortable Rishi Kapoor looked amazing in blue pants too!

Neetu Kapoor defined the ‘mom-look’ with this. The contrasting colors of his pants and shirt are looking good. But it is the bow tie that has our heart. It’s cute and young. Her fit also matched that of her late husband.

In another where she is paired opposite Rishi Kapoor, Neetu is a true beauty in blue. The shirt and jeans, teamed with a brown leather belt, are a statement of how well the Jugzag Jio actress knows her complexion.

Neetu wore tie-dye long before it became a trend! Posing for a cycle advertisement here, Kapoor was wearing a pink and white tie-dye shirt paired with wide-leg jeans. The middle hair and silver hoops complete the look.

Neetu Kapoor has revealed a lot about the outfit in the caption, but unlike her, we think she looks stunning. Orange The colorful miniskirt is adorable with scallops too. We can see ourselves wearing this look today.

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