Nejat İşler and Aslıhan Gürbüz in HBO Max Turkish Series | Turkish Series: Teammy

Nejat ler and aslahan gurbuzi

Good news for fans of the talented actors Nejat ler and Aslıhan Gürbüz. He has signed a contract to work on one of the most interesting projects of the upcoming television season. What do we know about the show right now?

hbo max Preparing to open in Turkey. This process is not accompanied by the same promotion as Disney Plus. However, there is no doubt that the platform is primarily known for the quality of its shows, which include hits such as “Game of Thrones”, “Chernobyl”, “The Sopranos”. Not surprisingly, any information about HBO’s future Turkish projects is of great interest to viewers.

The first series of the platform “Blindspot/Cor Nocta” will be produced by OJO Pictures. The screenwriter is Elif Osman. Directed by Ahmet Katikoz. The plot centers on the story of a woman who returns to the small town where she was born and is faced with murder. Investigating what happened, she uncovers the dark secrets of the people living in the city. Filming of the series will begin in Gokceida in two months. A total of 8 episodes are planned. The lead role in the series will be played by Aslihan Gurbuz. Nejat ler will play the role of a police officer helping in the investigation of a crime.

As it became known, HBO Max is in the process of buying Turkish digital platform Blue TV. Given that WBD, which owns HBO Max, already holds a 35% stake in Blue TV, this purely tech takeover decision isn’t surprising. With over 5 million Blue TV subscribers, HBO Max will soon become the largest digital platform in the Turkish media market.