Neon Takes North America On Alice Rohrwacher’s ‘La Chimera’ – Cannes

neon North American has landed on the rights Cannes To la chimera, writer-director’s tomb robbing drama Alice Rohrwacher Josh O’Connor and Isabel Rossellini starred.

Set during the 1980s in the secret world of Tombroli, or Tomb Robbers, la chimera Tells the story of a young English archaeologist (O’Connor) who is caught in the illegal smuggling of ancient finds. Carol Duarte, Alba Rohrwacher and Vincenzo Nemolato star in the picture, which is producing in Tarquinia and southern Tuscany and will continue through the summer in central Italy and Switzerland.

Rohrwacher’s regular collaborator Carlo Cresto-Dina produced. la chimera Through his company Tempesta and a longtime supporter of Rai Cinemas. It is a co-production with Neon, in partnership with Arte France Cinema, Canal+, Cine+, RSI/SSR SRG of Switzerland and French distributor Ed Wittam, with Amca Films of Switzerland and Ad Wittham Productions of France.

Neon’s Jeff Dutchman and Mason Spaeta negotiate a deal with The Match Factory and UTA. Match Factory is also repeating international sales. Rohrwacher has been canceled by UTA.

Cannes Film Festival Continues until 28 May on the French Riviera.