Netflix Doubled Spanish TV Originals In 2022 & Premiered Way More From UK And Japan – Report

particular: netflix Amazon doubled its Spanish TV originals last year and premiered more from the UK and Japan, as US content now represents less than half its library, according to a report by media analyst Anders Analysys seen by Deadline.

Anders’ research, which found Netflix had 300 more hours of TV last year than in 2021, flagged how hours of Spanish content increased from 64 to 123, while Japan from 60 to 109 and the UK from 60 to 92 extended.

in Spain, the country that produced la casa de papel, Shows like the supernatural thriller, one of Netflix’s most successful non-English-language titles ever girl in the mirror and drama high heat were launched.

US content grew by a much smaller amount proportionally, rising 5% to 801 hours, and less than half of Netflix’s TV content library is now made up of US content – ​​a significant milestone given the global nature of the TV industry.

However, after considering the fact, Anders pointed out that nine of the top-10 most-watched shows of the year were from the US, only Crown Making it to the top 10 from outside. The sizable American hits of the past year included Wednesday And asphalt , Demon: Jeffrey asphalt story,

Meanwhile, Korean dramas mostly shut down after the incredible impact of the prior year squid game, increasing slightly from 84 to 93 hours in 2022.

Anders’ report, titled Viewing is Narrowing, showed how global originals from Netflix, Prime Video, have been inundated. Disney+ And the wealth of newly launched streamers doesn’t just mean people are watching more of their shows, but rather sticking to favourites.

While the top 250 most watched Disney+ and Netflix episodes in the UK account for 44% and 39% of viewing across all platforms respectively, this figure drops to 28% for live TV. BBCITV and Channel 4, indicating that there is an increased tendency for viewers to watch a greater number of shows for traditional broadcasters.

Anders flagged the “increasing efficiency and sharpness” with which streamers can present their biggest shows, with the fact that content remains permanent rather than disappearing from the platform as reasons for this development.