Netflix Greenlights Swedish Comedy ‘One More Time’ Starring Hedda Stiernstedt – Global Briefs

Netflix Greenlights Swedish Comedy ‘One More Time’ Starring Heda Stearnstedt

Netflix has a Greenlight Groundhog Day-Esque Swedish comedy film starring Student Academy Award winner Jonatan Etzler already working Heda Stearnstedt. In one more time, Amelia, played by Stearnstedt, is hit by a bus on the night of her 40th birthday and wakes up back in 2002 on her 18th birthday, a chance to relive her best day and make her life the perfect vision. gives. intended to be. But when she starts waking up again and again on the same day, she has to find the key that needs fixing, so as to literally leave the past behind and return to the present day. The feature, scheduled to air next year, is written by Tove Forsman and Sophie Forsman (Young Royals, The Playlist) and directed by Jonathan Etzler, who won the Student Academy Award for Short Film get ready with me, “Looking back at the early 2000s, it feels like the right time to dive into that era and it’s very heartening,” Stearnstedt said.