Netflix Unveils Chinese-Language Slate, Including Taiwanese Series ‘Agent From Above’ & Hong Kong’s Biggest Ever Film, ‘Warriors Of Future’

Netflix has announced a slate of Chinese-language films and series, titled Fantasy Series agent from aboveWhich the streamer says “boasts extensive visual effects rarely seen in a local series”;.

Made with Singapore mm2 entertainment and Taiwanese good film production, the series is set against an oriental universe of “gods, demons, humans and ghosts”. The story follows a former drug addict who is recruited to do the bidding of the great Chinese god San Tai Zi as redemption for his sins.

Taiwanese star Kai Ko leads the cast of the series, which also stars Wang Po-chih, Hsueh Shih-ling, Buffy Chen and Johnny Yang. Donnie Lai has directed Rita Chuang of Good Films as lead producer.

“We are committed to investing in and creating high-quality Chinese-language shows that we know will appeal to greater audiences in Taiwan and around the world,” said Netflix Chinese-language content manager Jerry Zhang. “We hope our projects will uplift the entertainment industry in Taiwan and bring local stories to the world through our global platform.”

Netflix has also acquired Hong Kong’s highest-grossing film of all time – sci-fi action drama future warriors, directed by VFX supremo Ng Yuen-fai and starring Louis Koo, Lau Ching Wan and Carina Lau. The film, which broke records on theatrical release in Hong Kong this summer, will stream on Netflix from December 2.

The streamer’s upcoming Chinese offerings also include Taiwanese LGBTQ+ series nipple talk, which looks at how three friends of different genders and sexual orientations balance love and lust while looking for a relationship. Produced by Sequoia Entertainment, the series is directed by Lincoln Lai and stars Lin Zhu-yu, Brian Chang, Lu Xia and Kaiser Chuang.

Rounding out the slate are two previously announced thriller mysteries, produced with Taiwan green grass production , copycat killerAdaptation of a Miyabe Miyuki crime novel, and the second season of victim’s gameStarring Joseph Chang as a detective with Asperger’s syndrome, which begins filming next year.

Directed by Chang Jung-chi and Henry Chang, copycat killer There is a Taiwanese ensemble cast including Wu Kang-ren, Alice Ko, Tuo Tsung-hua and Ruby Lin. It will start streaming on Netflix in the first quarter of 2023.