Netizens Feel Bear Grylls Was Highly Uncomfortable With Ranveer Singh’s Kisses On His Neck & Cheek, Call It “Borderline Assault”

Netizens have a field day as Ranveer Singh bears Grylls for his kiss (Photo Credits – A Still from Ranveer Vs Wild with Bear Grylls; Twitter)

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, who recently appeared on Bear Grylls’ show with Ranveer Vs Wild to brave the Serbian jungle in search of a rare flower, is being roasted by netizens after a clip Ranveer Kissing Grylls went viral.

Several users on the internet expressed how Ranveer’s ultra-exciting personality made Bear Grylls feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. In the viral clip, one can see Ranveer saying, “Hey Mere Mowgli (Oh ​​My Mowgli), Hey Mere Tarzan (Oh My Tarzan)” as he pecks Bear Grylls’ cheek and neck in a strange way.

pointing to Bajirao Mastani Star’s behavior, with many on the Internet calling the act a “borderline attack.” Sharing the clip, a user wrote in his tweet, there is a word called “personal space”. I can see how much it has been violated.”

While the clip is quite strange in its content, it has also sparked a meme fest with the creators having a field day on the internet courtesy of Ranveer Singh’s antics.

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