New film ‘The sun must be turned off’ | Turkish Series: Teammy

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sera eriturk

The shooting of the youth film based on Emre Gül’s novel “The Sun Must Be Turned Off / Gunesi Sondurmem Gerek” will begin on August 10. The rights to the book were acquired by SKY Film, produced by Emre Ozke. The shooting of the film will begin on August 10 in Cyprus. Sera Eritürk will play the lead role in the film. Samet Kan Küyüküoğlu will play the role of Kerem, Göktag will be played by Ulvi Kahıoglu. Kahyaoglu, the role of Anil – Burak Can, and the role of Akin – Utku Koshkun. Erdal Beccioglu’s daughter Derin will also be featured in the film.