New Mexico Safety Bureau Files Administrative Complaint Against Producers Of ‘Rust’ Seeking Enforcement Of Fine For Unsafe Working Conditions

new Mexico The Occupational Health and Safety Bureau of the Environment Department today filed an administrative complaint against them. War Movie Productions After Company opposed the findings of the Bureau unsafe working conditions on the sets of bad luck War The filming led to an accidental shooting that killed cinematographer Helena Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza on October 21.

In April, after a six-month investigation into the shooting, the Bureau Company fined $136,793 For “intentional and serious” violations of workplace safety procedures, which was the maximum permissible. The company, which disputed the claim, filed a notice of competition, which was obtained by the state’s Occupational Health and Safety Review Commission on May 10. On August 3, the department filed a motion for an extension of the deadline for filing its administrative complaints. Seeking to enforce his fine, and on 4 August the commission granted an extension.

In its administrative complaint filed Tuesday, the department said it “respectfully requests” the commission to confirm its citation and that the commission will impose penalties against the company in the amount of $136,793 “for a breach of applicable regulations”. assesses.

View full administrative complaint Here,

In a statement, the New Mexico Department of the Environment said it was “unable to reach a settlement of citations” with the company during the 90-day administrative review period following the competition, which required [NMED] To file a complaint with the Occupational Health and Safety Review Commission. Rust Movie Productions has 15 days after serving the complaint to file its response to NMED’s complaint with the Commission. Upon receipt of a complaint and feedback from Rust Movie Productions, the Occupational Health and Safety Review Commission will schedule a hearing. No additional information will be released at this time until the Occupational Health and Safety Review Commission’s hearing process is complete.”