New series of Fikret Kuşkan | Turkish Series: Teammy

fikrate cuscano

Producers Mustafa Uslu and Hassan Kakan have begun work on a new series on the digital platform TRT Digital ‘Fiery Days of MT Independenta / Yangon Gunleri Independent’. Directed by Omar Farooq Sorak. Starring Fictit Kuskan.

The historical drama will show the story of the oil tanker MT Independence, which collided with a Greek cargo ship and exploded at the southern entrance of the Bosporus in Turkey on November 15, 1979. Almost all the crew members of the tanker were killed. The wreck of the Independence Ship burned for several weeks, resulting in severe air and marine pollution in the area of ​​Istanbul and the Sea of ​​Marmara.

fikrate cuscano Ali will play the glazier, helping the people of Istanbul affected by the explosion restore the broken glass during the incident.