New series of Ulaş Tuna Astepe | Turkish Series: Teammy

Ul Tuna Estepi

According to Birsen Altuntas, O3 Medya is preparing for the filming of the series “New Istanbul / Yeni Istanbul”, a remake of the popular American series “New Amsterdam”. Directed by iğdem Bozali. The screenwriters are Ayka züm and Cansu oban.

Tansel Ongel The actor is the first to sign a contract to work on the series. He will play the role of the head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Baran. For the title role, producers are in talks with Ulysses Tuna Estep, who left the cast of the series “Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean”. He will play the lead doctor Baru, who was once born in the same hospital.