New Streaming War Brewing? Warner Bros. Discovery Boss David Zaslav Takes Aim At Netflix Over Payment Terms

Specific: David Zaslav is not happy about it netflix,

warner bros discovery The Boss is making a move against its rival’s payment terms that could potentially open a new front in the streaming wars.

It’s a topic that has come up in one big TV series after another – the SandmanWarner Bros. television-produced fantasy drama was recently renewed for second season on netflix.

The crux of the issue is that Jaslav is unhappy with the way Netflix deals are structured, essentially paying producers over the course of 18 to 24 months. This is not a new discovery, Netflix changed the way it parsed payments a few years back.

But Zaslav is now in charge of one of its biggest outside suppliers – Warner Bros. Television, which, in addition to Neil Gaiman the Sandmanlike netflix makes originals sweet tooth, which comes from the Robert Downey Jr., Penn Badgley-fronted serial killer thriller Youand recently manifesto, which she saved after it was canceled by NBC. Through the studio’s previous output deal for CW content, Netflix also licenses many of the WBTV shows, including some of its most popular library titles. All American, The Flash, Riverdale And divine,

Zaslav is understood to have expressed his displeasure to several of his key Warner Bros. Discovery partners over the past few weeks, with some business consequences.

For example, we hear he instructed his teams to stop selling finished shows to Netflix for a few weeks.

“It’s a weird way of looking at it,” a Warner Bros. Discovery insider told Deadline. “This is clearly the way the industry works and has worked with Netflix. he paid a lot [by Netflix] And the company is happy about it. It’s like he suddenly found out what the terms of payment were.”

Warner Bros. Discovery recently received new payments from Netflix for several of its shows when it launched its ad-tier, paying the studio for the rights to sell advertisements on several of its shows.

is zaslav Her unhappiness with famously hands-on boss and rival streamer comes later the Sandman renewal.

Despite its hefty budget, one would have expected a relatively straightforward – and quick – deal for the show, which comes from Gaiman, David S. Goyer and Alan Heinberg and is produced by Warner Bros. Television in association with DC Entertainment, It then clocked up nearly 200M hours of views in its first ten days. The season two pickup comes three months after the show’s release.

This is not a new thing for television makers. In fact, Discovery, pre-Warner Bros. merger, faced his own reaction This was followed by an attempt to implement a new payment model, now led by Warner Bros. Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels, whereby producers would show themselves and take out loans to cover production costs before receiving payment upon delivery. Will have to finance to get it.

Warner Bros. Discovery declined to comment.