Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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    Newsom Praises Disney+, Hulu, Peacock Innovations As Counterbalance To Tesla Exit; Rips Fox & OAN

    “It’s remarkable how obsessed some people are with trying to travel california up and identify areas of weakness,” the state governor said on Tuesday. And despite that, “we” Even then dominate” american Economy, Maintained Gavin Newsom,

    He ticked off several proof points: “No. No. 1 in household income… No. 1 in manufacturing jobs. No. 1 in import/export.” He also included a laundry list of streaming services that are thriving in the state — and investing in.

    This was Newsom’s first public appearance. two weeks, and he went out and opened fire on his opponents.

    “That entrepreneurial spirit,” he said, “it’s alive and well in the state of California. And let me take that back, because these are things you don’t see on One America News.” [and]You know, Fox.”

    talked about the governor space xNew facility in Long Beach. then he addressed Tesla‘s famous Decamped for Texas, refusing to mention the electric car maker’s name at first.

    “The company that left California — some company that left California,” Newsom informed the audience, “didn’t take a job. Basically, [it] Doubling down on more jobs in the state of California.” Newsom then said that “based on their new commitments the Tesla facility will increase production by 50%.

    “California Dream: It’s still alive here,” he continued. “The future is still invented here.”

    The governor said: “Look at the investments going down in Silicon Valley and in Hollywood. The merger of the two dominates. Think about it. Not just Netflix. Disney, think about Hulu, think about Peacock And the investments made in this state and the commitments that Universal is making in the state of California… a billion dollar investment. They are just table steaks. ,

    again, in reference to their own recognized nabobs of negativity like Fox and OAN, Newsom said, “I hope we can stop beating ourselves up.” He set an example from his childhood to highlight the issue.

    “When I was a child my mother used to say: ‘You are nothing but a mirror of your constant thoughts. What you focus on, you will get more.’ That’s why everyone is so sad seeing Fox. Really. You gotta be sad. And stressed. And the end of the world is coming. They’re going to take away your text books and you guns and… all this crap. These mirages that Today is America. But I hope, you know, that we have an antidote for it,” he said, referring to his own view of California.

    “I am proud of this state,” said the governor. “I’m proud of rural California. Republicans, independents – not just Democrats. I’m proud of the people who voted against me in the recall. I’m proud that they call California their home. I love this state. More I think we should just start focusing on what’s right.”

    Before Nabobs could even begin speaking, Newsom quickly noted, “We’ll find out what’s wrong. We know the affordability issues. That’s the number one issue that adds up to more problems than any other issue.” But it’s also worth mentioning: You know how our poverty rate has declined in 2020? Where are the headlines on this?

    “We are changing the paradigm,” he said, closing his argument against his opponents, “and I hope we are changing the paradigm of our thinking as well.”

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