Nicolas Cage Admits To Having Taken “Crummy” Roles To Pay Back Debt Following Real Estate Market Crash

Nicolas Cage Opening up about getting out of debt and what it took to pay off that $6 million.

“I was overinvested in real estate. The real estate market crashed, and I couldn’t get out in time,” Cage explained. 60 minutes, “I paid them all back, but it was about $6 million. I never filed for bankruptcy.

Cage said it was a “dark” period in his life, but booking roles helped him pay off his debts, despite doing direct-to-video films as he made ends meet.

“Work was always my guardian angel. It may not have been blue chip, but it was still work.” “Even if the movie is ultimately crummy, they know I’m not phoning it in, that I care every single time.”

This isn’t the first time Cage has spoken about his financial struggles and how adamant he was about not filing for bankruptcy and giving his all to his projects.

He said, “When I was doing four films a year, one after the other, I still had to find something in them, so that I could give my all.” gq In 2022. “They didn’t work, all of them. some of them were very good, like mandy, but some of them didn’t work. But I never called it. So if there was a misunderstanding, it was that. That I was just doing it and didn’t care. I was caring