No Lawyer Talk: Dan Stevens Turned Down Meal With John Dean Ahead Of Playing Him In Watergate Drama ‘Gaslit’

dan stevens decided not to sit together john deanRepublican lawyer in the Watergate era became news pundit and circuit speaker, before landing his role in the Starz drama gaslit,

Stevens told the British press that he was initially keen to sit down with Dean, who still polarizes opinion, for his role in the Nixon-period scandal, but the actor changed his mind once word got out of the planned meeting.

“I was looking forward to sitting with him,” said Stevens. Guardian, “Then I was told I’d have to speak with Universal’s lawyers beforehand, which I didn’t want to do; I didn’t think it would make the food taste particularly good.”

Stevens stars alongside Julia Roberts and an unfamiliar Sean Penn in a five-part series, based on the “Slow Burn” podcast, which tells the story of Watergate, but from a new perspective from Martha Mitchell and other lesser-known figures in the story. Washington’s political espionage eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.

Roberts plays Martha Mitchell, the wife of Nixon’s loyal attorney general, John Mitchell (Penn), who is the first to publicly alarm Nixon’s involvement in Watergate.

Stevens enjoys a decade of diverse success – Comedy In night at the Museum And Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire SagaDisney epic beauty and the Beast and even scary Inspired – Since he made the unimaginable return to showbusiness back in 2012 and left the hit, especially the ratings juggernaut Downton Abbey After three seasons.

It came as a shock to millions of viewers on Christmas Day 2012 when his much-loved character Matthew Crowley was suddenly killed.

Stevens now says, “It’s not something I expect people to understand easily. Some admire it, others think I was crazy: that part was the biggest thing that could ever happen to me.” Could.

“But the question is, what will satisfy you? A little more money and the same thing for another decade,” Stevens replies, “or the great unknown. The Wild Western. An open playground of potential.”

“Three years had passed, that’s what we initially signed up for, and the appetite to explore further was great.”

Gaslit premieres Sunday 24 April on StarzPlay