No Time To Die Producer Opens Up On Casting Next James Bond After Daniel Craig: “It’s A Big Decision”

No Time To Die producer reveals the next James Bond to be cast after Daniel Craig, read (Photo Credits: Instagram/IMDB)

As soon as Daniel Craig announced in 2019 that “No Time to Die” would be his fifth and final film as international spy James Bond, rumors began to mount about who would play Agent 007 next. However, producer Barbara Broccoli says it will take some time to announce the new name.

According to ‘Variety’ Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Idris Elba and even ‘enthusiasm’ Star Jacob Elordi has whispered about the iconic role, and Lashana Lynch became the first woman to hold the title 007 when her role of Nomi took over the position of Bond in the last film.

deeply concerned Franchise producer Barbara Broccoli says “it’s going to take a while” before Daniel Craig’s replacement is named, reports ‘Variety’.

“It’s a big decision,” Broccoli told Variety at the Longacre Theater on Thursday at the opening night of “Macbeth” on Broadway, which she is producing and also starring Daniel Craig.

“It’s not just about playing a role. It’s about a complete rethinking of where we’re headed. I’m here to celebrate Daniel Craig, one of the greatest actors in the world.”

Broccoli continued to praise Craig’s acting, which he supported as a producer for all five of his Bond films, from “Casino Royale” in 2006 to “No Time to Die” in 2021.

She was also a producer in Craig’s final appearance on stage in Sam Gould’s 2016 production of Shakespeare’s Othello at the New York Theater Workshop. Gould is once again directing Craig in his own adaptation of the Scottish play, which stars Craig alongside Oscar nominee Ruth Negga.

“He has an amazing range and can do anything,” Broccoli said of Daniel Craig.

“He’s the greatest actor ever, and I think audiences will be thrilled with this portrayal because he’s funny, he’s dangerous, he’s everything you want. Together – he and Ruth – it’s just sexy.” is …”

“The chemistry between them, the volatility, it’s like fireworks and it’s funny and sexy and there’s a lot of blood.”

As with many other Broadway shows, the production has faced several COVID difficulties, with Daniel Craig briefly pulling out of his role after testing positive for the virus earlier this month.

“Macbeth” endured an 11-day shutdown, and on April 14 it even filled the gold for one of its missing actors, with an assistant stage manager feeding him lines through an earpiece.

Broccoli said the company is “making the most of it,” and praised Daniel Craig’s work.

“Daniel is such a great company leader,” Broccoli said.

“He kept the excitement and the momentum going because at one point we had 11 actors including Daniels, so he came back and Ruth is incredible… We have a great show and I am just so happy that things are showing up. UP.”

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