Monday, October 25, 2021

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    ‘No Time To Die’ & ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Rain Cash On AMC, Cinemark & Imax

    When the studio prospers on box office hits, it has exhibition stock and is certainly short on cash for the latter thanks to Sony’s $90M pandemic domestic opening record. Venom: Let There Be Massacre, And also MGM/UAR/Universal’s $119M launch no time to die.

    number 1 circuit in the world, AMC Entertainment, announced this morning that they have posted a new post-opening record for weekend attendance as well as new post-opening records for ticket admission revenue and concessions, thanks to both films.

    AMC Cinemark imax

    Between Thursday September 30 and Sunday October 3, more than 2.4 million people watched the films at US AMC multiplexes, while 1.4 million took films overseas at AMC for a total of 3.9 million WW, a new post-reopening attendance for the circuit. is record.

    As we told you yesterday, the No. 3 series Cinemark saw its highest opening weekend as well as its strongest ticket sales during the COVID era, and its PLF XD auditoriums. For the Plano, TX Exhibitor, It Was Their Biggest October Weekend Overall Venom 2 His biggest opener for the month.

    twenty five percent Venom 2Of the weekend gross was generated by AMC, 17.7% came from Cinemark, while Royal The theater gave 17%.

    no time to die Most posted Saturdays ever for a James Bond film in the UK for AMC. Daniel Craig swan song as 007 opens Friday in the US Venom 2 Hits Europe this week on October 15th.

    no time to die

    “No Time To Die”

    Meanwhile, Imax saw its biggest global box office weekend since December 2019 and broke its October best weekend record by $30M no time to die, venom 2 and a trio of local Chinese titles. Imax generates $6.8M from 284 screens in 50 markets no time to die Which was filmed with the cameras of large format exhibitors. The picture also set several IMAX records, including Best Opening Weekend Results for a Bond Feature in 24 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Spain, South Africa, Ecuador, and Best Pandemic Era Opening Weekend. 21 countries including the UK, Hong Kong, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Argentina. Exceptional PSA in the UK ($47K from 50 screens!), Exceptional per screen average in Denmark ($119K), Norway ($106K), Sweden ($100K) and Hong Kong ($54K).

    Venom 2 Recovered $9.6M WW, of which $8.6M came from his Stateside 402 screen count, the best domestic opening during the Covid era Imax weekend as well as the third best domestic October opening ever. The Andy Serkis-directed sequel from the Russian Imax screen fetches $1M, with a record opening weekend of the pandemic era in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

    “Nevertheless, AMC is celebrating an important milestone as we continue to strive for a full recovery for our movie theater business at home and abroad,” Adam Aaron, chairman and CEO of AMC Entertainment, said in a statement this morning. The global weekend attendance record of nearly 3.9 million movie viewers is significant after the reopening, as is the fact that this weekend’s success is due to two different blockbuster films, each on different continents, great business for AMC Entertainment. In the United States, in particular, the film’s response Venom: Let There Be Massacre brought moviegoers to AMC in large numbers, and helped AMC enjoy its best single-day revenue level on Saturday as the pandemic forced us to close our U.S. theaters more than 18 months ago Was. On the other side of the Atlantic, James Bond is as dominant and popular as ever no time to die Having set our own records, running huge business in our ODEON cinema. “

    Aaron continued, “The success of these two new blockbuster films and our theaters at home and abroad reflects the huge demand from moviegoers, who are always eager to return to theatres. For the self-proclaimed saints who are regulars. Thoughtfully and unintentionally predicting an end to cinemas, I believe it is wrong to underestimate the massive consumer appeal and flexibility of cinemas.


    highest grossing cinemas Venom 2 AMC Burbank ($239K), Santicos San Antonio ($169K), Regal Southgate in LA ($163K), AMC Universal CityWalk ($161K), AMC Ontario Mills ($159K), and Cinemark Tinseltown El Paso ($158K) were . )

    Megan Colligan, president of IMAX Entertainment, said, “This weekend was an unqualified success, proving what today’s box office is capable of doing – not just with select regions or releases, but with a diverse range of fantastic content in every major region. with the offer.” “The perception may be that these movies are doing better, but the reality is that many people are underestimating how excited global consumers are to return to movies.”

    About poison 2, Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi said on Sunday, “The film truly resonates with our film audiences, delivering results that significantly advance the performance of the industry and setting multiple all-time Cinemark records, Including the biggest October box office weekend, this is yet another strong example of what people want and need to step out of their homes for a mesmerizing entertainment experience. Congratulations To our partners at Sony and all the talent involved in delivering such an amazing film for our movie audiences to see exclusively in one movie theatre. “

    In relation to Imax’s other weekend highlights: In China, the new national holiday title Battle of Changjin Lake (China Film Group), my country my parents (sow) and water boys (Enlight) grossed $13 million in total, the best national holiday opening weekend ever for a large format exhibitor. battle of changjin surpassed the bulk of that tally and also had the third-best Imax opening weekend behind any local Chinese title wandering earth And Detective Chinatown 3. Warner Bros./Legendries Dune Earned $500K in Imax and made $10M in total. next week, no time to die The 510 additional Imax screens hit 20 new markets, including North America, Russia and France.

    At the time of this publication, those US publicly traded exhibitors that saw gains included Imax at $20.47 (+3.9%), Cinemark at $21.11 (+6%) and National Cinemedia Group with $3.82 (+4%). . Meme stock AMC was up at $37.18, up -3.3%.

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