Norman Lear & Brent Miller To Executive Produce Mind Riot Entertainment’s Fictional Gamergate Series

Unique: Norman Lear And brent miller have boarded Mind Riot Entertainment gamergate as executive producer through Act III Productions Banner. The series is about the experience of journalist, game developer and computer programmer Brianna Wu as a critic and target of the infamous 2014 online harassment campaign. gamergate Wu and Jay is co-produced and co-written by Brad Wilke.

The 2014 GamerGate Online campaign targeting women in the gaming industry ignited a firestorm that laid the foundation for current issues of propaganda and hate. Before QAnon, in the Covid-19 conspirators and the January 6 uprising, there was Gamergate. Wu was among the women targeted, which also included Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian.

The series will explore the origins of the widespread intimidation campaign from the perspective of many, fictional people in the games industry – from executives to journalists and indie developers.

Lear and Miller will executive produce for Mind Riot Entertainment with Jonathan Casey, Jeremy J. Dodd and Wu. There is currently no showrunner or studio attached to the series.

“Given the legacy of Mr. Lear in his historic career as a glass-ceiling breaker for marginalized communities, we chose his Act III banner for his conscientious and empathetic approach to storytelling,” Casey said.

Added Miller: “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Brianna Wu and Mind Riot Entertainment in telling these stories.” The gaming industry has exploded over the past decade, bringing in more revenue than games and movies combined around the world. However, the number of female engineers in the gaming industry is less than 5%. One doesn’t need to be a gamer to recognize that something is off with this percentage. ,