NowThis Workers Unanimously Ratify Their First-Ever WGA East Contract

WGA East member working in Now it, the progressive news site owned by Vox Media, has unanimously ratified its first contract. The 65-member bargaining unit will see an average increase of 9% in the first year of the agreement, with the lowest level of employees receiving a minimum wage of $62,000 by the end of the two-year agreement.

“It takes hard work and a willingness to take the risk to arrange and negotiate the first contract, but they won a great contract,” said Lowell Peterson, the Guild’s executive director. “We are pleased with the great terms our members have won.”

According to the Guild, all covered employees will receive a ratification bonus of $3,400 in recognition of increased costs when NowThis moves to Vox’s health insurance plan in 2023; Unlimited paid time off switch, and cost of working from home equipment.

The new contract also guarantees required leave and benefits policies, including five months of parental leave and the development of a critical health care policy that extends to abortion access and gender-affirming care.

It also includes a commitment by the company that at least 60% of job candidates interviewed will come from underrepresented groups in NowThis and that it will eliminate the use of employee nondisclosure agreements in cases of harassment or discrimination. The deal also ensures that bargaining unit employees can only be fired if disciplined or justified, guarantees continuing to work from home, and requires any new owners to comply with the terms of the contract. Is.

“The journey to our first collective bargaining agreement was not an easy one, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with what we won,” the Guild’s bargaining committee said in a statement. “As we have said from the beginning, we organized the now progressive values ​​not out of anger, but out of love – love for love, love for stories, and love for our partners. We truly believe that this The deal not only ensures our unit members receive wages and benefits, but also reflects the values ​​that Naoise champions every day.”