Number Of Female Directors On Top-Grossing Films Decreased In 2021

According to the latest, the number of top-grossing films directed by women in 2021 has come down celluloid ceiling Studies from the Center for Women’s Studies in Television and Film San Diego State University,

Women account for 17 per cent of directors working in the top 250 films, down from 18 per cent a year ago. The percentage of female directors in the top 100 films also declined from 16 per cent in 2020 to 12 per cent in 2021.

“Appearances can be deceit. While Chloe Zhao won an Oscar for directing last year Nomad, and Jane Campion is the frontrunner in this year’s race dog power“The percentage of women directing films has actually declined in 2021,” said study researcher Dr. Martha Lausanne.

“Based on our assumptions about how women are faring on the good fortunes of some high-profile women, we may be drawn to incorrect conclusions about the employment status of women,” she said.

With cinemas facing several challenges amid the ongoing pandemic, the study analyzed traditional box office grosses and films watched at home (via its “watched at home” list).

Women outperformed streaming in the “Watched at Home” list, which is accounted for 10 percent director, 13 percent writer, 21 percent executive producer and 19 percent editor.

While the number of female directors at the box office has come down, there is some positive news as well.

Last year, 25 percent of the directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors and cinematographers working in the top 250 grossing films were women, a slight increase from the 23 percent in 2020. The study attributes the rise to women working as executive producers and producers.