‘Only Murders In The Building’: John Hoffman Credits Chemistry Between Steve Martin, Martin Short & Selena Gomez For The Show’s Success

Hulu‘s only murders in the building Received 17 Emmy Award nominations on Tuesday, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Lead Actor in an Individual Comedy Series Steve Martin And Martin Short, noticeably missing had a name for Selena GomezAn integral part of the main trio at the heart of the multi-generational hit comedy.

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Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short

series co-producer John Hoffman A conversation with Deadline explains the trio’s importance overall as the secret sauce keeping fans hungry for more murder mysteries from Arconia. The new Season 2 episodes are released Tuesday via streamer.

“Our trio is the heart of everything and the reason for the success of this show,” shared Hoffman, overwhelmed by the nominations. “They did it all together, the three of them, with Selena being an essential part. I know everyone feels bad but all our nominations belong to her too. Nominations are tricky and you never know who’s involved. It may seem unfair at times like today where we are all so celebrated but I am very proud of that.”

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She continued, “Getting this kind of hug out of the gate from the Academy and audience for the first season’s show only sends our minds a lift to do better. In Season 2, you’ll see what an amazing actress Selena is. And how our trio shines brighter than ever. I am so thrilled to have our team, many of whom have received nominations today.”

Going into Season 1, comedy legends Martin and Short were already known to audiences for their musicals and big-screen collaborations, with Gomez as newcomers. As the show’s current season eases, the trio establishes a relationship that allows the writers to delve deeper into their individual and joint story.

“I think our show is about getting to the truth of an investigative case, but it’s also about our characters growing up as they learn more about themselves and reveal more about themselves through the process. do,” he said. “We’re not shy about going into deep topics, asking big questions, and getting our characters to work on big things that connect in an emotional way for the audience—hopefully we can even make them laugh. This season spans a full 10 episodes. It’s a great build.”

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Season 2 devoted much time primarily to family matters between Charles-Hayden (Martin) and his stepdaughter Lucy (Zoe Colletti), Charles-Hayden and his father, Mabel (Gomez) and his father, and Oliver (Short). does. and his son Will (Ryan Broussard).

“There are some real emotional puzzles that are coming, but there are also some amazing twists and glee to end Season 2 that brings everything full circle. At its core, the season is about family, and at the center of the show, we’ve got a family that is learning to trust each other, but is also going through some major things together. Hoffman said, “I find it very moving how we bridge generations on our show and how we dig into everything to find love and redemption, truth and justice for victims and people in the most unexpected places,” Hoffman said. Hoffman said.

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After airing only three episodes of Season 2, Hulu renewed only murders in the building Hoffman promises even more fun adventures for Season 3. As far as whether or not Archonia will claim another victim until the end of the season, he’s not saying.

“I promise you will twist and I promise you will leap in the way the show likes to take,” he teased. “We’ll try to be as unpredictable as possible with those jumps. All I can tell is hang on tight, we’ve got a big one ahead.”