Oscars: Adam Sandler And Emma Thompson Movies Among First To Go To Academy Voters

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They begin handing out Emmys the following weekend with back-to-back Creative Arts ceremonies, followed by Primetime Emmys on NBC on Monday, September 12. But even though TV awards season is still a few weeks away from becoming history, Oscar season is officially underway.

Of course this means Venice, Telluride and Toronto’s fall festival trifecta kick off the season that sets the plate for the Academy Awards, but it also means screener season is starting. Unfortunately for AMPAS members who liked to collect those DVD screeners to show off to their friends, this practice is fraudulent as the Academy officially went all digital last year and members are now available through the Academy’s digital screening rooms. watch movies.

Today, the first batch of what we’ll label as “award contenders” entered service for Oscar voters. We call them “contenders” because their distributor is charging $12,500 (if that figure from last year sticks) to have a shot at being viewed by the 10,000 members who have digital access.

Hustle Adam Sandler

Those eight titles belong to Netflix push Including Adam Sandler and Amazon films all old knives And master. A Sundance Award Winner emergency Above, plus Universal’s hit animated feature the bad guys. Documentary film Navalny And Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song There are also.

Last but not least is Searchlight/Hulu Best wishes to you, Leo Grande, which features a brave and Oscar-worthy performance by Emma Thompson; The picture wasn’t Oscar-worthy until recently, as it went live streaming on Hulu in June with no theatrical merit engagement. Searchlight appealed to the Academy, which recently went back on its pre-pandemic rules requiring a seven-day run in theaters, and AMPAS agreed to waive the requirement because the distributor said they had planned its release under the old pandemic plan, which allowed streaming of movies to avoid theatres. Hopefully Oscar is obliged to insist on this, leo grande Now AMPAS is the first company to make itself available to all Oscar voters on the site.

good luck to you, leo grande
‘Good luck to you, Leo Grande’
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In terms of physical screeners who cannot be sent to the Academy, others such as SAG and Critics’ Choice can do Receive them, and I’m told the first screener will be in those mailboxes next week: the above and thoroughly reviewed push, Which will go to SAG Nominations Committee members (about 2,500) and 500 or so Critics’ Choice members.

Welcome to Oscar season.