‘Outlander’ Season 6 Finale Leaves Claire And Jamie In Sadly Familiar Territory

Spoiler alert: The following story reveals key plot points from the Season 6 finale Starz‘s outlander,

Starz’s outlander Tonight ended its sixth season, leaving a lot of questions unanswered — yes, it was indeed the finale, for a season that was cut short due to the pandemic.

But if there’s any fantasy that has (mostly) proven to be patient, it’s Claire’s timeless love story devoted to (Caitriona Balfe) and her beloved Jamie (Sam Hughana), one that is in danger of being separated again.

The episode titled “I’m Not Alone” opens as Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and his man, guns drawn, arrive at Fraser’s home to arrest Claire for the murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds). . But Jamie won’t let her go without a fight. A gunfight leaves the couple to wait for the night when more men will prepare for battle.

To entertain Claire amid the enormous amount of tension, he reflects on all the time that he has come close to death and has somehow survived. “You think you have 9 lives?” Claire asked him. He replied, “I hope so.”

A catnap is interrupted when the villagers arrive to ensure Claire’s arrest and they will not go quietly. Many of the same people who were welcomed into Fraser Ridge by Jamie Fraser are now throwing stones at Claire and accusing her of being a witch as well as a murderer without trial or evidence . No good deed goes unpunished, one might say.

Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones)

Still, people want justice for Malwa, a woman who claimed to be pregnant by Jamie, who they shared behind the back of his wife, who was also Malwa’s mentor. The pack is led by Malva’s father, Tom (Mark Lewis Jones), who assures Fraser that they are safe in Brown’s hands and will ensure this by traveling to Wilmington where he faces trial for his alleged crimes. Will do

For some unknown reason, neither Claire nor Jamie tell Tom nor any of the angry villagers that Malva had put to bed at least two men, including Young Ian (John Bell), who wants to marry her and have a child. was ready to be a father. I wish someone had other plans and killed the pastor’s daughter, but this episode doesn’t reveal who.

Somewhere away, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger Mack (Richard Rankin) share one of the few moments of joy in the episode. He is finally confirmed to be the parent of his son due to the lice infestation. Jamie gets a short haircut that shows off a unique birthmark on his scalp that matches Roger’s one. An adorable Jamie also shares a sweet message with his mother’s unborn baby about how much he loves them already.



Back with the Frasers, Young Ian miraculously finds his aunt and uncle and promises to seek help. It won’t come soon, however, as Claire and Jamie are separated at the behest of the treacherous Richard Brown.

Tom promises Claire that her husband is safe and will be on his way home but he is listening to Brown’s take on the matter which is not of much value. Tom continues the journey with Claire who is unwilling to check on Jamie’s well being, which is the only option at the moment. They both know that if he goes after Jamie he is as good as dead.

The truth is, Brown wasn’t lying at all. He had a ship ready to take Jamie home—Scotland. But before he can leave, Young Ian arrives with Mohawk to save his uncle’s time.

“I told you I’d fight with you, Bear Killer,” Chief Bird (Glenn Gould) tells Jamie.

Jamie escapes safely again with an uncertain future ahead.

season 7 outlander is already in production in Scotland.