Pathaan Controversy: Shah Rukh Khan Once Slammed The Anti-Nationals For Destroying The Country & Said “We Don’t Own India, Ownership Doesn’t Mean That…”

Pathan controversy: Shah Rukh Khan’s TB video surfaces on the web after Bajrang Dal vandalism (Photo Credits – Facebook)

This morning, we woke up to a video of Bajrang Dal workers vandalizing cinema halls promoting Pathan in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and tearing its posters. The film starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in lead roles has been making headlines for some controversial reasons. Much before its release, the film was embroiled in some controversies, especially after the MP minister reprimanded the makers for making the lead actress wear a saffron bikini.

unaffected by controversiesThe makers recently announced the arrival of the official trailer of the film and it is all set to hit the web on 10th January.

Amidst the video of Bajrang Dal workers going viral, fans have shared a throwback video of Shah Rukh Khan talking about the destruction of the country by anti-national and anti-social elements. The old clip is from the 90s where she sat for an interview with Farida Jalal and talked about her family who fought for the freedom of the country. Well, amidst such a scenario, the video seems so apt that we cannot stop watching it again and again.

Shah Rukh Khan then told Farida Jalal, “My family, especially my father, was a freedom fighter. He always used to tell me, ‘Shah Rukh, don’t take your freedom for granted. We have given it to you so that you can keep it.’ At that time I thought it was freedom from foreign rule. We read in the newspapers that it is right and wrong. As a common citizen, we do not even know how much truth is there in this. The only knowledge I have is what I get from newspapers. So we need freedom to speculate whether it is right or wrong, freedom of speech and of the press.

“The country is India and we are the citizens of the country. We don’t own it. ownership doesn’t mean it’s ours India, This is what we have to do for the country. In that regard, the people whom we call anti-national or anti-social, these are the people who do not think that they are a part of the country. I am feeling very sad because my family has fought for this country. And these people are ruining it. Though I am not directly involved in politics, but whenever I see it, I feel sad because my father used to tell me, ‘Keep this country free, the way we have given it to you'” Pathan star .

Pathan is set to hit the screens on January 25.

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