Pathaan Movie Review Quicker: ‘Last Of The Stars’ Shah Rukh Khan Brings Back The ‘Mass’ To The Massala Entertainers, Deepika Padukone Could Burn Your Screen!

Pathan Movie Review Quikr (Photo Credits- Poster from Pathan)

Pathan’s day has finally arrived and as much as we hate typing in the interval, we really want you to know what our experience has been like so far without giving away a single spoiler. So, Shah Rukh Khan fans and general audiences alike, here’s how it’s been so far.

Without giving away anything about the story, let’s just say that Shah Rukh Khan is the most charismatic 57 year old man you will ever see on screen. His mere presence draws you into his every scene.

Deepika Padukone, on the other hand, is mainly used to set your screen on fire while her body double is not doing any stunts for her. The first half majorly serves as a base for Pathan’s characters to build up the curiosity for the whistle-blower faceoff between Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan and. John abrahamThere is a gym.

The action choreography for the film is excellent as the man-to-man combat sequences look stunning but the moving ‘gorgeous’ sequences lack the finesse of the VFX. The use of green screen is clearly visible if you really look into it. The scale speaks grandeur and the pre-interval block is good.

some ‘Abbas MastanThe level’s twists keep you hooked, but you’ll smell them far away at times. Pathan’s second half holds the major interest as every piece of the puzzle falls into place with Pathan’s hunt for ‘Raktabeej’. Stay tuned to this space for more Pathan movie reviews.

Pathan is directed by Siddharth Anand. The film marks the comeback of Shahrukh after the debacle of Zero. The advance booking trend is strong and the film is all set for a grand opening!

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