Patton Oswalt Says He Supports Trans Rights In Wake Of Dave Chappelle NYE Performance

Patton Oswalt Calling out for a New Year’s Eve performance assures fans he supports trans rights Dave Chappelle, whose recent Netflix special near She was criticized for controversial comments about LGBTQ+ communities.

Oswalt was invited by longtime friend Chappelle to perform a surprise set when it was later revealed that the pair were working close to each other in Seattle.

“For thirty-four years we have been friends,” Oswalt posted on Instagram on Sunday. “He refocused and refined the ideas so many of us set out about race and history and life on planet Earth and twisted them with a single phrase or punchline. We did bad and good gigs, open mic and There’s TV taping. But we also 100% disagree about transgender rights and representation.”

He continued, “I support the rights of trans people – the right of anyone – to live safely in the world to their fullest. Would disagree with where he stands on transgender issues now. But I also don’t believe that a seeker like him is a growing, learning person. You know someone who sees struggles and changes over a long period of time It’s impossible to cut them off. It’s impossible not to be hopeful and open and please them.”

Oswalt also apologized to his followers, whose critical comments he removed, and promised to learn and grow from the experience.

“And I’m sorry, really sorry, that I didn’t consider the damage it would cause,” he wrote. “Or the depth of that hurt. I’ve been messaging a lot on IG today, and the back and forth really helped guide me in writing this. I (naively) deleted a lot of posts in the comment thread – Critical posts from LGBTQ writers and crap-posts by TERF/anti-trans orcs looking for clicks and giggles. I wanted a “nice comment thread” about the pic with my friend. Ugh. It’s so easy to think of someone That ELSE needs development and remember the need in itself. Will keep trying.”

Read his full post in the Instagram post below.