Peacock Adds ‘Made In Chelsea’ To Streaming Service Expanding Reality Show Offerings

Peacock continues to expand its offerings in the reality show space and has recently added British series Made in Chelsea, NBCUniversal streaming service releases season 18 to season 22 on August 25 e4 reality series produced by monkey kingdom,

Made in Chelsea is a reality show structured after the lives of affluent twentysomethings living in London boroughs such as Chelsea and Knightsbridge. The series has been airing since 2011, with a rotating cast of people throughout the year. E4 has finished airing the summer season in the UK, set in Mallorca, Spain, ahead of season 24, which is expected to premiere in the coming weeks.

Made in Chelsea Aired in the US in 2012 on the now-defunct Style Network. In 2014, Bravo aired the summer season set in New York City. However, American audiences eager for more British reality television did not have access to the new season. mike So far.

version of Made in Chelsea Peacock comes to the library as Seva expands her offerings. It was recently announced that The service reclaimed the rights to NBC from Hulu in the following day’s episode., Earlier this year, Peacock also announced a Bravo-next day episode, making programming from the cable network available to subscribers the day after it aired on Linear.

Peacock President Kelly Campbell, recently spoke to deadline About how their reality shows are doing on the service.

,love island Peacock is doing incredibly well for us as an original series. It also has really good overlap with our Bravo group, so it’s a good example of what kind of May when we announced Bravo the next day, we were really able to both bring people to Bravo content and connect our customers with it. I started getting great traction,” she said.

Campbell continued, “Then we launched love island usa as a peacock original, and we see again people coming for it love island And then they stay for Bravo content. People flocking to Bravo are also watching Love Island USA. This is where you really start to see the cycle that is good for consumers and also good for Peacock. ,