Peacock Launches Virtual ‘DocFest’ Including Documentaries About Rosa Parks, Prince Andrew; Joe Berlinger’s ‘Shadowland’

Specific: Peacock launched its first dockfest, an on-platform showcase that highlights selections from a top-tier documentary roster of streamers. documentaries include Joe Berlinger‘s shadowlandas well as projects exploring the achievements of civil rights activists Rosa Parks and the scandals of England Prince Andrew,

The six-week virtual festival will feature six brand new Peacock Original titles ran between September 14 and October 19, with new titles dropping every Wednesday. Peacock subscribers can find documentaries through a dedicated archive on the streaming platform.

“Peacock continues its commitment to shine a spotlight on real-life stories worthy of a platform,” said Rod Aisa, EVP of Unscripted Content, NBCUniversal. Will get used to. Quality documentary content presented by some of the industry’s leading creatives.”

The full list of documentaries scheduled for Peacock’s Docfest and details provided by streamers can be found below.

hell of a cruise
Premiere date: September 14
Details: When passengers and crew members boarded the luxury Diamond Princess cruise ship in January of 2020, they had no idea that the deadly novel coronavirus turns the floating paradise with them into their worst nightmare. With access to hours of never-before-seen self-shot footage from passengers, this premium two-hour feature documentary will explore what went wrong and why other cruise ships were sent to sea only a week later – where the same nightmare happened again.
Director: Nick Quest
Executive Producers: Nick Quest, Max Pollack
Co-Executive Producer: Matthew Rowen
Consulting Producer: Spencer Fehrenbacher
Producers: Brett Kincaid, Mehdi Darlis, David Kennedy, Gretchen McGowan
Produced by: Goldcrest, Matt Films
Format: Documentary, 78 Minutes

Premiere date: September 21
Description: Inspired by reporting in The Atlantic Magazine, award-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger The documentary sends teams across America to embed them with themes that have defied mainstream narratives, including the shocking real-time stories of a beloved rural Pennsylvania pizza shop owner who died on January 6. facing twenty years in prison for her role in the riots, an anti-vaccine activist pushing a dangerous fake cure for Covid-19, and a mother divorcing her husband because she fears that Her beliefs would put the lives of their children in danger. From this intimate perspective, Shadowland, a deeply immersive six-part docu-series, explores how conspiracy theories have gone from the margins to the mainstream, tracing how people come to their beliefs, And what makes these theories so fascinating. The series is a shocking reminder of the dangerous impact of conspiracy thinking on the functioning of our democracy, as families, friends and the nation are increasingly torn apart.
Executive Producer: Joe BerlingerCraig D’Antron, John Kamen of RadicalMedia, Jane Isaacson, John Doran, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, Adrienne LaFrance and Linzi Traub
Director: Stephen Bailey, Alex Braverman, Eve Van Dyke
Produced by: RadicalMedia in association with Third Eye Motion Picture Company.
Format: Doc Series, 6 x 60 Minutes (Binge Drop)

Sex, Lies and College Culture
Premiere date: 28 September
description: Sex Lies and College Culture How Larry Ray, a father and professional thug, turned Sarah Lawrence College students into an abusive sex cult that affected their lives and the lives of their families. A decade-long record of abuse, extortion, sex trafficking and forced labor is documented in the victim’s own words. Through dark and personal footage, a portrait of the world inside this group is revealed – all mired in manipulation and dark secrets.
Executive Producers: George Waldrum, Robert Palumbo, Ian Russell
Produced by: ITN Productions
Format: Documentary, 90 Minutes

Prince Andrew: Vanished
Premiere Date: October 5th
description: Prince Andrew: Vanished Unpacks the turbulent story of Prince Andrew, Duke of York – formerly regarded as the charming, lovable son and decorated naval officer of Queen Elizabeth II – whose behavior spanned 1200 years throughout his career as a Royal. To the legacy brought scandal and disgrace. British royal family. Through new interviews with palace insiders, journalists, members of Andrew’s social circle, and the legal team that brought the allegations to light, the documentary takes a deep dive into the world of privilege, jealousy, desire and greed that pushed Andrew through. Gave; First, in the orbit of notorious sex offenders Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and then in a sordid sex trafficking scandal that threatens to bring down the House of Windsor.
Executive Producer/Director: Jamie Crawford
Executive Producers: Jennifer Harkness, Laura Michalchishin, Sam Snyderman, Nina Burley, Emma Cooper and Barbara Shearer
Senior Producer: Nick McKinney
Producer: Frank Ombre
Produced by: Blue Ant Studios
Format: Documentary, 1 x 90 Minutes

i love you, you hate me
Premiere Date: October 12th
description: i love you, you hate me Barney’s furious response to dinosaurs is a finite series of rises and falls—and what it says about the need to despise humans. From Barney-bashing to frat parties to homicidal video games, something in American society broke into a million pieces, and was never put back together again… or is it what we were all for?
Executive Producers: Rob Erik, Joel Chiodi, David Collins, Michael Williams, Tommy Avalon, Raymond Esposito, Wendy Greene and Amy Goodman Cass
Director: Tommy Avalon
Producer: Trent Johnson
Produced by: Scout Productions
Format: Doc Limited Series, 2 x 60 Minutes (Binge)

The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks
Premiere date: October 19
description: The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks, which is based on the bestselling biography by Jean Theoharis and executive produced by award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien, expands on Rosa Parks’ unseen achievements and the importance of her campaign and fight to address racial injustice and widespread inequalities does. In short, what we are taught in school about Rosa Parks is only a fraction of the whole story of who she really was.
Directors Yoruba Richen and Johanna Hamilton weave together personal stories of their families and remarkable footage of Mrs Parks, as well as interviews from academics and activists such as Brian Stevenson, Patrice Coles and Erica Huggins, to illuminate her decades’ worth . Comprehensive Organizing, Strategy, and Activism in Search of Black Liberation. Lisa Gay Hamilton reveals her talent as the voice of Mrs Rosa Parks in the documentary.
Executive Producers: Soledad O’Brien, Joe Honig, Patrick Conway, Yoruba Richen and Johanna Hamilton
Director: Yoruba Richen and Johanna Hamilton
Producer: Kristalyn Hampton
Produced by: SO’B Productions
Format: Documentary, 96 Minutes