Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr To Depart CNN

barbara starr, long pentagon CNN correspondents are leaving the network.

He wrote in a memo to employees, “To the many of my colleagues and friends, with my contract expiring in the coming days, I have decided to move forward. Let me say this… you never say goodbye to your friends.” Says, so I won’t. CNN’s Oliver Darcy first reported her exit, and the network confirmed it.

Starr joined CNN in 2001, moving to ABC News, where she served as a producer.

His exit followed hundreds of staff layoffs last week, including veteran correspondent Martin Savage and political analyst Chris Siliza. According to sources, another on-air figure Ana Cabrera is also looking to leave the network when her contract expires.

In 2021, it was revealed that the Justice Department under the President Donald Trump got a gag order that stayed on top CNN Officials from disclosing the reporter’s findings to the government Barbara Starr emails and other records as part of an apparent leak investigation. He and reporters from The Washington Post and The New York Times were informed that the government had seized their records without his knowledge.

During his CNN career, he has traveled extensively to hotspots including Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, among others. Prior to ABC News, she was bureau chief for Jane’s Defense Weekly, and also served as a correspondent for Business Week.