Pete Davidson returns to stand-up, makes Kanye West jokes in first comedy set

Pete Davidson jokes about Kanye West (Photo Credits – Pete Davidson, Kanye West / IMDb)

Comedian Pete Davidson makes some observations on rapper Kanye West during his stint on Netflix’s “Is a Joke: The Festival” at the Hollywood Bowl in his first stand-up comedy set in three years.

According to Deadline, Davidson spoke out about his much-publicized relationship with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, including attacks on Kanye West in person.

Pete Davidson Compares Kanye West’s Social Media Bars to Notorious Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar slap.

During their set, Pete Davidson said that West told him he (Davidson) had AIDS. He joked that he was momentarily convinced it was true because West “is a genius”.

He also recalled a basketball game in December last year sitting between Jon Stewart and Chris Rock, That period was referred to as “the time before”.

“Before life is over,” he joked.

Will Smith’s slap has been compared to West’s claim video, in which Davidson has his head cut off by Kanye West’s lookalike in the video for ‘Easy’.

Davidson stated that he was not against friend Jack Harlow for working with West, but added that his own friendship with Bill Burr, who worked with him on ‘The King of Staten Island’, would have been if If you ever join one of Kanye’s, it will be over. Sunday Service Ceremony.

Pete Davidson is on leave from SNL while he is shooting for the Miramax horror thriller ‘The Home’.

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