‘Pivoting’ Canceled By Fox In Nail-Biter After One Season

fox‘s pivoting Will not return for the second season. The surprise cancellation comes after lengthy talks between the network and studio Warner Bros. Television.

spindle, Elijah Coupe, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Maggie Q, was considered a strong bet for the renewal. A favorite of Fox brass, the show was one of the rare 100% best-reviewed new broadcast series on Rotten Tomatoes and also had a strong cast on Hulu, which the network has been able to monetize.

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Immediately after the cancellation, the finger is inevitably raised, with each side feeling that they did all they could to secure the renewal.

According to some sources, Fox was on high pivoting And gave the single-camera show a conditional renewal, contingent on the series moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver to save money, which was a no-no because the stars couldn’t outgrow their families. Additionally, a second attempt was made by the network to renew the series, reportedly by demanding a substantial reduction in the license fee, which also failed as the studio could not find a way to do so.

According to other sources, Fox showed intent to renew. pivoting But did not push hard to secure it. And while Hulu’s revenue is helping spindle, I hear the network is looking to the past as the agreement expires next year and its future is unclear.

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died of pivoting Underscores the challenges of the broadcast model and the downward pressure the linear ratings are putting on renewal negotiations, especially with outside studios. Warner Bros. was able to strike a deal with Fox for TV upgrade Alongside the sophomore multi-camera comedy Call Me Cat freshman drama cleaning lady and is finalizing a direct-to-series deal for a new comedy, cindy snow, Which will be produced at a low cost in Atlanta.

Fellow indie Lionsgate TV was also able to secure renewal for its new comedy series, Welcome to Flat rated less than pivotingWhat makes the subsequent cancellation even more surprising.

Created by Liz Astrophe, pivoting Three women (Coupe, Goodwin, Q) followed the death of their childhood best friend. Faced with the reality that life is short, in desperate attempts to find happiness, they make a series of impulsive, misguided advice and self-indulgent decisions, solidifying their bond while proving that it may be worth spoiling your life. Its never too late.

apostrophe executive produced pivoting With Capital’s Kaplan and Dana Honor. Tristram Shapero was the director/executive producer on the pilot. The series was produced by Warner Bros. Television in association with Fox Entertainment.