Pop Kaun? Review: This Brings Fear For Hera Pheri 3! Please Stop Forwarding WhatsApp Jokes To Farhad Samji

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(Photo courtesy- Still from Pop Who)

Pop Who Review: Star Rating:

mould: Kunal Khemu, Nupur Sanon, Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Saurabh Shukla, Satish Kaushik and an ensemble cast.

creator: Farhad Samji.

Director: Farhad Samji.

Streaming On: Disney + Hotstar.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

runtime: 6 episodes, approximately 40 minutes each.

(Photo courtesy- Still from Pop Who)

Pop Who review: What’s it about:

A rich man-child falls in love with a woman who is nothing more than comic relief and decides to persuade her father. But the father is so obsessed with lineage and bloodshed that he seeks out the boy as he has many fathers. Does the boy find his original pop, or do we lose our brain cells, this is the show.

Pop Who Review: What Works:

Over the years, the comedy genre in Hindi cinema has not received the respect it should have received long ago. Shaily, along with classic filmmakers like Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Priyadarshan, and a few more, have created characters that made us laugh our hearts out even in the 10th hour. And then Farhad Samji came to the genre, and his filmography is what the genre should not be at all. Oh, sorry, we’re supposed to talk about what works in this section.

The best part is that Farhad decides to make only six episodes with a very good runtime, so we don’t have to spend much time with his material; This is a compilation of messages received on WhatsApp, and we want to block whoever sent them in all honesty. Explore in Pop Who? It’s not about finding the audience’s laughing vein, tugging at it until they end up in tears, but it’s counterproductive. You cry at your choice and laugh at someone spending their money. Sorry, now good stuff, of course.

Some of the jokes in the show that home some of the legends of the comedy scene in India because of Chadar’s mastery at what they do. The jokes we used to tell as kids and continue until we get tired of getting people to solve them before making a comeback. But the cast that is so unblemished also manages to make some sound hilarious.

(Photo courtesy- Still from Pop Who)

Pop Who Review: Star Performance:

Casting gems of actors and giving them parts that are in no way good for their filmography should now be declared as a crime; High Time. pop who? The idea is to bring back every possible stalwart of the comedy genre from India. Name them, and here they are. From Saurabh Shukla to Jamie Lever, that’s the range. We don’t count Nupur Sanon among them yet. But if you do, pop who? What a sheer waste of the immense talent that’s got on board.

The fact is that the show becomes only slightly watchable because of its cast, most of whom have inadvertently worked some of the weakest scripts in the past without much celebration. So when it’s 2023, and the entire show serves as a function organized just to give them the red carpet, they can still make fun of these mundane words.

Be it Johnny Lever, be it Saurabh Shukla, be it Satish Kaushik, be it Rajpal Yadav; His performances were more about theatrics. They bring the same crew here, and while it’s fun, there’s only a limited amount of time you can consume it continuously. Even Hera Pheri had to add Tabu’s doom story to give some respite from the incessant laughs. (What did I mention at the end, are we ready to address this fact yet, threequel? Wait). They are brilliant but do not serve well.

Kunal Khemu is sincere in what he does, and the actor deserves more than that. The world realized his worth in a film that was doomed, but shines (Kalank). This may become yet another project. How many more wrong choices? Nupur Sanon just happens to be the inspiration and is borderline dumb as you can guess is a lady in the Samji universe.

Someone, please explain to me what crime has Jamie Lever committed in his many past lives to deserve this? what exactly is she playing? Was she loitering around the set when Samji said let’s fill the void in one frame, so make her dress as much like the side characters as possible? She is told to be the Instagram version of herself and has no part in the narrative that has any meaning or consequences.

Pop Who Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Oh, please have your pop’ corn this time. First, a portion of any proceeds made by this project must be publicly gifted to Mark Zuckerberg. Written by Farhad Samji with his longtime collaborators Tasha Bhambra and Sparsh Khetrapal, almost every other line of this show is a WhatsApp forward that would have made you cringe in 2013; We are in 2023! This journey in the past has served us some of the best movies like Bachchan Pandey, Laxmmi, Housefull 4, and Baaghi 3. So while I was wildly wrong in expecting a whole lot of show from this mill, I did have a few hours of my life; Some days, I hate my job.

Pay attention, it is an attempt to show smartness. The film repeatedly tried to make fun of Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur. It is an important part of Sultan Qureshi, a character called Faesal’s iconic dialogue. But it is also naïve to dismiss it with another inane joke that has now stopped being laughed at or forwarded.

Furthermore, if Farhad thought he would change the grammar of the OTT show and add lip-syncing songs in every possible episode, it is not done; Mr. Also, Milap Zaveri was a consultant on the show as Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Catholic men stand shoulder to shoulder at the end, while explaining nothing more than ‘we are Indians and diversity is our specialty’ . Kunal is given a perfect monologue as the conclusion of a show that has been witless and storyless up to this point.

This brings me to the fact that we were afraid to address as early as four paragraphs ago. The material is now all set to take shape Hera Pheri 3, Yep, if you’re new to the party, ping me on Instagram and cry along. If that’s how he sets us up to have minimal expectations, we can only assume it never happened. All the best, fam; We will win!

Pop Who Review: The Last Word:

pop who? exhausts all its cleverness in the title’s play on words. What’s left is a product that will make you feel bad for the legends it houses while it’s built to be the exact opposite. We miss you, Satish Kaushik; You will always be our calendar!

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