Prince Harry Wins Latest Legal Battle Against Mail On Sunday

Prince Harry The UK on Sunday won a legal battle against the Mail, calling parts of an article about the Duke of Sussex’s security arrangements “defamatory”.

Rajkumar was involved in many cases including wife Meghan Marklesued Associated Newspapers Limited, the owner of the newspaper, for an article about disputes relating to its security arrangements. Marley wins legal battle against same paper publish a personal letter She sent it to father Thomas Markle late last year.

The article about Harry was titled: Exclusive: How Prince Harry The police tried to keep their legal battle with the government over bodyguards a secret… Then – just minutes after the story broke – their PR machine tried to turn a positive twist on the controversy.

Harry’s lawyers successfully argued that the article was defamatory and implied that he had “lied,” “tried to manipulate public opinion” and “to keep his legal battle with the government a secret from the public.”

Harry has requested grievous damages for defamation, an injunction preventing the Mail from republishing the claims on Sunday and an order to compel the Mail to publish its decision on Sunday.