Priyanka Chopra has ‘fallen more in love’ with Nick Jonas of late and the reason is just too adorable

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have always been a couple in love since the early days of dating each other, but after the birth of their daughter, Malti Mary Chopra JonesThat love has only grown deeper for the other, perhaps even more so in the case of Priyanka Choprawho is apparently “falling more in love” with each passing day for the husband Nick Jonas, OK, he may be a great guy, but why is the wife smoking with him more, especially after a few years of marriage. Well, it’s because of what kind of dad he turns out to be.

Why is Priyanka Chopra “more in love” with Nick Jonas?

A source revealed to HollywoodLife that despite the ups and downs Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas the past few months have passed with Their daughter is being born prematurely and the things they have to face as parents feel InDescriptively blessed that their baby girl is safe and sound at home. the source claims that Priyanka Is fallen Till here More In love with hole After seeing how sweet and tender she is with their baby because that’s everything In a father she looks up to In Her own father, who is extremely fond of the actress.

Nick Jonas is 100% dad on duty even when he’s at work

Another source told HollywoodLife that although Nick is back at work for his Las Vegas show with his brothers, checking in regularly, he’s been on dad duty 100% of the time. In with Priyanka Chopra to make sure her baby girl is okay, FaceTiming with His etc. The source said that Nick Jonas lovebeing a father More from anything and Is really not only created a bonding experience for him and PriyankaBut also for him and his brothers.

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