Priyanka Chopra’s Miss World 2000 Winning Was Rigged? Miss Barbados 2000’s Shocking Claims State “She Didn’t Even Go To Rehearsal, Meals Were Brought…”

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas was crowned Miss World 2000 because the pageant was rigged? Miss Barbados 2000 made shocking claims – View (Photo Credits – Instagram; Facebook)

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a well-known figure across the globe – having worked on top projects in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. The actress, who welcomed daughter Malti with husband Nick Jonas earlier this year, was crowned Miss World 2000. But now, one of his co-contestants claims that the competition was rigged in his favor.

In a recent video shared on her YouTube channel, former Miss Barbados, Leilani McConkey alleged that the 2000 Miss World pageant – which crowned Priyanka Chopra (now Chopra Jonas) – was rigged. Leilani who was crowned Miss Barbados 2000 participated in the beauty pageant. In her nearly 14-minute long video, she talked about the bias she saw in it 2 decades ago as well as drew parallels to the recent Miss USA pageant – which was accused of similar wrongdoing Is.

In her video, Leilani McConkey says, “I literally went through the same thing at Miss World. Me, I went through it.” In the clip, the former beauty queen revealed that she felt Priyanka Chopra Jonas was preferred over others and was made an exception several times. The Barbados beauty also claimed that the Quantico star was ‘not nice’ and ‘unpleasant’ as a person.

In the YouTube video, Leilani began by stating that the Indian cable station, Zee TV, was the title sponsor of the contest and that each contestant had the broadcaster’s logo on their sash – before the name of their country. Her words were, “So, I was Miss Barbados and I went to Miss World, and the year I went, Miss India won. Remember, Miss India won last year. Sponsor an Indian cable station Zee TV too She sponsored the entire Miss World. We had Zee TV in our sash, and then our country.”

He then claimed that it worked in favor of the sponsorship. Priyanka Chopra Jonas was given more advantage as an actress — and other competing beauty queens took note. He also shared a picture which showed Priyanka wearing a sarong during a period when other girls were not allowed to do so. He said, ‘Priyanka Chopra was the only person who was allowed to keep her sarong on. Apparently, she was using some skin tone cream to even out her skin tone, and it was still unsightly. I am not saying that it was a bleaching cream, it was a skin tone cream. And it didn’t work, so she didn’t want to remove her sarong. So, during the actual judging, she’s literally in a dress… If you’re a contestant in a contest and someone does you a favor, what do you do about it? Why won’t you go with it?”

The YouTuber called the Goondas actress “not good enough” and claimed that she has a lot of control over others. In the video, she is also heard saying, “Priyanka did not even go to the rehearsals nor did she go to the morning meal. He was brought to her bed… Priyanka Chopra herself had a whole lot of press calls, that no one else went through. She even claimed, “During the competition, before she won, she had these pictures of her walking on the beach. Meanwhile, we are all grouped together in this sand pit… The designer who designed her gown also designed all of our gowns. Our gowns were basically the mini braid gowns of her gown. And the gowns fit like crap anyway. Her gown was spotless. ,

Watch the video of Leilani McConkey claiming Priyanka Chopra miss World The 2000 victory was rigged:

Talking about the recent Miss USA pageant, contestants alleged that there was a conflict of interest between the show’s sponsor and eventual winner, Miss Texas R’Bonnie Gabriel. Participants claimed that the same sponsor was also involved in the Miss Texas pageant, and it was seen that he was supporting Miss Texas. Further suspicions of wrongdoing arose when photos of the winner were shared on social media the very next day, but seemed to have been shot in anticipation of her victory – weeks before the contest.

Do you think Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Miss World 2000 win was rigged? Tell us in the comments.

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