Production Workers At ShadowMachine Vote To Unionize With Animation Guild

production worker shadow machineBehind the Los Angeles-based Animation House BoJack Horseman, Last Place And human search, have voted to form union with animation guild, IATSE The local 839. 6,000-member guild represents the animators already working there.

Subject to an independent verification of the authorization card, the Guild stated that ShadowMachine “will voluntarily identify” it as the exclusive bargaining representative of a group of 37 production workers that includes production managers, post-production supervisors, writers’ assistants, Production Assistant and. Coordinator.

According to local 839 organizer Ben Speight, this is the fifth successful organizing campaign for the guild in the past five months, in which artists and production workers voted to unionize at Titmouse in New York, Production Workers at Titmouse in Los Angeles and the Production Workers Chain. Feather rick and morty And solar opposite,

Quotes provided by the Guild of Shadowmachine Production Workers that were part of the organizing campaign describe the need for union representation in the animation industry. Here is a sample:

“At times I felt like I had to leave this industry because of the way production workers are especially underrepresented,” said Katrina Agratelis, Retec’s coordinator. “It is time to make a change and join forces with the artists at TAG to work towards a more sustainable animation industry.”

Design coordinator Melissa Lamm said: “Production and artists must stand on equal ground to successfully create a show and create an inviting studio culture that encourages all people to return and do it again. Voted yes for recognition, appreciation and respect, because I know it will benefit the future of the animation industry as a whole.

Production manager David Weiser said: “By having our union recognized by ShadowMachine, they can show that they are as interested in taking care of their production workers as they care for their artists and to allow production workers a third studio. Leading the industry by becoming recognized by the Animation Guild.

And production manager Rin Sörholtz said: “With animation having experience in both the TV and feature sectors, I can say with confidence that it is time for a change. Production is left behind when it comes to. These issues are not specific to ShadowMachine, but to the industry as a whole. This is because I love working at ShadowMachine, so I want to make sure that we work consistently here can do.”