Punjabi Became The Biggest Challenge For Fawad Khan In Maula Jatt | Reviewit.pk

The release of Maula Jatt is around the corner and we will get to see Fawad Khan back in a full role in Pakistani cinemas after 15 years. Fawad Khan impressed everyone in Khuda Ke Liye and then worked on television. He went to Bollywood from there and after his return we are missing him everywhere. Fawad Khan is the new Maula Jatt, an iconic character previously played by Sultan Rahi and the film is in Punjabi language as it is set in Punjab.

Fawad Khan hails from Lahore where he received his education and naturally everyone assumed that he is a Punjabi speaker from the heart of Punjab. But Fawad revealed that he was born in Karachi and then went abroad because of his father’s work and later settled in Lahore. But the actor can’t really speak Punjabi as it was not spoken in his house.

Punjabi became the biggest challenge for Fawad Khan in Maula Jatt

He said that it was the film’s writer Nasir Adeeb who helped him in applying the right pronunciation and the right expressions in the dialogues. And unlike Fawad, Hamza Wu is completely fluent in the language. Fawad also had to struggle a lot in getting the language right. He said that he has not seen the original Maula Jatt in its entirety as it was difficult for him to understand it.

Punjabi became the biggest challenge for Fawad Khan in Maula Jatt

On becoming a Maula, Punjabi challenged him like this: