Qualities Mikaal Zulfiqar Looks For In His Life Partner | Reviewit.pk

Mikaal Zulfikar is a handsome and accomplished Pakistani actor who joined the media industry as a model but later ventured into acting. Mikal has appeared in many superhit dramas and films till now. Mikaal Zulfikar was recently seen in GMP “Shaan-e-Suhoor”.

Mikaal Zulfikar while revealing the qualities he looked for in his life partner mentioned that “What attracts me is his personality. The way you talk to someone defines your personality. I like eastern girls who have some knowledge of relationships and things.”

“I’m a very traditional person, I want a girl who knows how to respect her spouse and other people involved. That’s the most important thing I’m looking for, and that’s exactly what my parents taught me. Nothing is more important in one’s life than respect”, said Mikaal Zulfikar.

Mikaal Zulfikar finds qualities in his life partner