Raj Kundra Says He Got ‘Famous & Infamous’ Because Of Wife Shilpa Shetty, Reveals Why He Keeps His Face Hidden

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Raj Kundra says he got ‘famous and infamous’ because of wife Shilpa Shetty (Photo Credits-Facebook)

Raj Kundra is now active on social media, almost a year after his return from jail in the P*runography case. Since morning, Shilpa Shetty’s husband has been slamming the trolls who are making fun of her and criticizing her left and right. Now in his latest tweets, Raj Kundra, while replying to a social media user, revealed the reason for hiding his face.

Shilpa Shetty’s husband had to stay in jail for almost a week after his name cropped up in the p*rnography case.

After a few slaps, Raj Kundra again gave his piece of mind which tried to criticize him. When a troll said, “Open your face and face the truth, if you have done something good or bad, have the courage to take a stand on it. public Will always accept you as you are,” he replied, adding, “I don’t hide my face from the public, I don’t want the media to give me access. The phase I went through after the media trial is not that difficult to understand.

When another said, “Tujhe koi janta hoon kya troll karega woh wife ki ke ke ke ke keh tha tha (Who is going to troll you even when no one knows you. You became famous because of your wife)” Shilpa Shetty),” he said in his reply, “Notorious even #trollers.”

Earlier, in a statement released on social media, Raj Kundra had said, “After much contemplation, in view of many misleading and irresponsible statements and articles and my silence has been misconstrued for weakness. I would like to start by saying that I have never in my life been involved in the production and distribution of ‘Pornography’. This whole episode is nothing but a witch hunt. The matter is sub-judice so I cannot explain but I am ready to face trial and have full faith in the judiciary where truth will prevail.

Coming back, what are your thoughts on Raj Kundra’s tweet? Do tell us.

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