Rajpal Yadav Reveals He Doesn’t Feel Good To Be Known As Comedian: “My Name Has Been Put Into Such A Small Category”

Rajpal Yadav hates being called a comedian (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Rajpal Yadav has been entertaining fans for years and it feels good that the actor is still able to tickle the funny bones despite a huge development in the comedy genre. His recently released film Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 has proved to be a big hit at the box office. However, amid the love the actor is receiving, Rajpal revealed that he doesn’t like being known just as a comedian.

For the oblivious, Rajpal reprises his character of the younger Pandit maze 2, As expected, the audience is loving his comic avatar and the actor is one of the major factors behind the success of the film. Not just BB 2 but the actor has made many roles memorable with his superb comic timing. Apart from comedy roles, Rajpal is an extremely versatile actor and the latest example is his film semiWhich is on Zee5.

Speaking to YouTuber CurlyTales, Rajpal Yadav said, “(In my opinion) I only play the lead role, some character have length and some have strength. I could never imagine that I am playing a supporting role. We are all students in front of the camera as per the director’s explanation. That’s why I don’t feel happy when someone calls me a comedian. That’s why my name has been put in such a small category – a comedian,” sharing whether he had ever aspired to play a lead hero when he came to Mumbai.

Rajpal Yadav also shared that he is serious in real life which helps him to do comedy in films.

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