Rakhi Sawant Gives Urfi Javed A Dance Tutorial, Netizens Comment “Chai Kam Pani Lagri Hai Urfi Rakhi Ke Samne” – Watch

Rakhi Sawant teaches Urfi Javed some dance moves – Watch

Urfi Javed, who rose to fame thanks to her short but impressive stint on Bigg Boss OTT, is known for her quirky fashion sense. The Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania actress threw a party celebrating 3 million followers on Instagram and it was attended by Rakhi Sawant, Akshit Sukhija, Priyank Sharma and many of their fraternity friends.

While Urfi is the center of attention for wearing a 20kg glass ensemble over her white two-piece outfit, she and Rakhi He also did some dance moves in the program. But are netizens impressed by this? Well, scroll down to see them dance and read what fans and users had to say online.

In a video shared on her by Rakhi Sawant instagram Handle is seen teaching some dance moves to Bigg Boss fame Urfi Javed. In it, the new besties of tinsel town can be seen having a fun conversation with the BB OTT contestant who is known for her atrangi fashion sense, saying that she can’t do the trick that a ‘mermaid’ Similar to (mermaid).

In the video, we then aka Javed commenting on the Main Hoon Na actress saying, “Mera kuch hilata hi nahi hi.” Replying to this Rakhi Swant says, “Sab hoga baby, tu hila toh sahi.” When the photographers encouraged Urfi to show her moves like Rakhi, the former item girl said, “Bas bahut to gaya (dance). Too much.” Watch the video here:

Commenting on this funny dance tutorial video from Urfi Javed and Rakhi Sawant’s 3 million followers party, a netizen wrote, “Rakhi amazing moves dear like it we much.” Another added, “125cc vs 390 cc,” while a third commented, “Dono ko… together. Dena ka maaja hi kuch aur hoga ….oops…next level feeling️”

Trolling Urfi Javed for being bad at copying Rakhi Sawant’s moves, a netizen wrote, “Seese toh mehndi nahi hoti bas kaam clothes wear ker road pe chali aana hota hai” A third wrote, “Rakhi is Don’t spoil your image with the girl who is nothing but just a crap

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