Rakhi Sawant’s Ex-Husband Ritesh Kumar Says It’s A Lesson For Girls Jo “Love Jihad Ke Chakkar Mein Phasti Hai” Addressing The Adil Khan Durrani Controversy

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Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Ritesh Kumar addresses the Adil Khan Durrani controversy (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Rakhi Sawant is once again in headlines for her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani. A few days ago, the actress came out in front of the media and accused her husband of cheating and indulging in an extramarital affair. Now the latest person to react on their marital discord is Rakhi’s ex-husband Ritesh Kumar. He came in limelight for returning his former time and making shocking comment on ‘Love Jihad’.

It all started when Rakhi leaked her wedding pictures with Aadil and said that they got married a few months ago, but he is asking her to keep it a secret. In short, the drama queen lodged an FIR against him and he was arrested by the Oshiwara police and produced in the court today i.e. 8th February.

Taking to his Instagram, Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Ritesh Kumar released a 1-hour long video where he revealed that the controversy queen has informed him about the problem in her marriage with Adil Khan Durrani. She further made shocking comment on love jihad and said that it is a lesson for all the girls who indulge in it.

In the Insta video, Ritesh Kumar is saying, “Truth can be seen in Rakhi’s eyes but it has to be decided by the court.” Rakhi informed me about it three months ago, she told me everything about it. The things he has told and Rakhi is not lying. I would like to say that you must be knowing the cycle of heartbreak. I am with you but I was also troubled, whatever pain you are in, I was also there. I am not his character. I have set my heart twice and been cheated twice.

“I have MBA, MTech and LLB degrees and I am well accomplished professionally. I am a self made person. I didn’t lack anything. I have been cheated and people thought I was wrong. I am with you Rakhi, Your brother was also with you. This is a lesson for those girls who are caught in love jihad. I will always stand by you,” said Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Ritesh Kumar in the video.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant in her latest interview has made a shocking claim against Adil Khan Durrani And told a leading entertainment portal that he is already married.

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