Rakhi Sawant’s Former Husband Ritesh Calls Her A ‘Liar’, Threatens To File A Defamation Case Against Her; “She Decided To Leave When I Refused To…”

Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Ritesh calls her a ‘liar’, threatens to file a defamation case against her (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Rakhi Sawant became a topic of discussion on the weekend when she was seen crying inconsolably. The actress, who appeared in Bigg Boss with her husband Ritesh, accused her of hacking all her social media accounts. Rakhi was seen crying by the shutterbugs as she addressed the media with her new boyfriend Adil Durani and opened up about her social media account being hacked by her husband Riteish.

After keeping them hidden for years, Rakhi Sawant finally decided to unveil her husband in front of India. Rakhi introduced Riteish to the world when she appeared in Bigg Boss 15 as a wild card contestant. However, things went south when they moved out of the controversial house and decided to separate.

Now it looks like Riteish has enough of Rakhi Sawant and her allegations. During her latest interview, a former Bigg Boss contestant revealed that Rakhi is lying and used her for money. Riteish also reacted to her claim of ‘fake jewellery’ and said that it is not true!

Contacted a leading portal to inquire about Rakhi Sawant’s allegations Ritesh And he turned down all his claims. Ritesh told ETimes, “I had bought her jewelry, which they claim is fake, but it is not so. I have all the receipts from the jewelery store. I have bought a lot of things for her and when she bought it from me. When asked for a car of 90 lakhs, I refused. That’s when she decided to leave me. And she started going out with this guy named Adil, who bought her an old car!”

when asked about Rakhi’s Alleging physical abuse, Riteish said, “Rakhi keeps saying that I have never been with her in these three years, then how can I physically abuse her? I don’t understand why people are supporting her when she doing it wrong here.” Riteish also accepted the allegation of hacking his social media account and Riteish said, “I have not hacked any of his accounts on social media. He has given his passwords to a few other people and this happened in the past too when his social media account was hacked. I was the one who helped him recover his account and now the same thing has happened to him again. And this time, she’s blaming me for it! Nothing is going to be gained by hacking his accounts. Do I look like a hacker too?”

Riteish further said that Rakhi Sawant’s allegations are affecting her parents which is troubling her a lot. He further said that Rakhi is rude to everyone around her and he does not want to make any statement against them. The actress is constantly defaming him and blaming him for things that he says he has not done.

Riteish threatened the actress and said that he would file a defamation case against her. “Now things are getting unbearable and it has affected my business and I have suffered because of that. So now this is the right thing to do for me.”

Let’s wait and see how Rakhi will react to Riteish’s threat of legal action.

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