Rakshanda Khan: I’ve lost out on roles just because I didn’t fit into the budget

Rakshanda Khan: I got thrown out of roles just because I didn’t fit in the budget (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Rakshanda Khan, who is currently seen in the TV show ‘Janam Janam Ka Saath’, talked about the competition in the industry and how many times she missed out on opportunities because of the budget.

“Competition is good as long as it is healthy. Yes, sometimes I have felt that I lose roles to people not necessarily on the basis of talent but also on the basis of budget. But I have also felt that What was meant for me has always come back to me, in every walk of life. So, all I can show in life is gratitude to the competition as well,” she says.

Talking about her current show, Rakshanda Khan says that she is in love with her character. “The title ‘Janma Janma Ka Saath’ captures the story in a moment. It is a love story that has been going on for almost a century. A love that could not be fulfilled in a single birth, the lovers to complete their love story Had to take birth again.

“I play a character called Dr. Karuna Tomar, he is the hero. A mother whose whole world revolves around her son. She would do anything for him. And the same thing applies for the son as well.

She adds: “What instantly attracted me to the character was the mother-son bond. She is ready to go to any length for the betterment of her child and this is one quality that every mother watching the show will identify with.

Rakshanda Khan says that it is very important for a show to have strong content. He said, ‘People work hard in every show, but still some succeed and some don’t. What differentiates one from the other is the content. If you make it believable and relatable, people will love it,” she says.

Meanwhile, it is often seen that actors are reluctant to play the same kind of role but Rakshanda says she is fine with it.

“For someone like me, routine works. I am happy to be on the same set, meeting the same kind of people, deepening the bonds I have made. I am not one to adjust to new surroundings easily So I am very happy to be a part of long term things. Short term relationships and both bother me,” she says.

The actress, who has been a part of several TV shows including ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’, ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, ‘Kasam Se’, ‘Kisan’ and ‘Junk’.Naagin 3‘, among others, the content on TV has changed over time and is not the same as when it started.

“I have always felt that TV as a medium was in favor of women, but things have definitely changed over the years and we see a lot more strong characters. The balance is still a little bit in favor of women. I’m hooked, but I think I like it!” she says.

Talking about her shooting experience for the current show, she shares: “I feel we have created our own version of the Fab Four on the set. Most of the time I am together with Nikki Sharma, Asmita Sood and Gaurav Singh Bajaj So while Asmita and I eat ice cream, Gaurav and I discuss every possible food combo, Nikki is the one who hesitates in every conversation and makes it her own. I feel lucky to have met this trio. feeling, because they make work so much fun.

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