Rang De: On Zee5 From 10th May – The Bulletin Time

Rang De: Releasing on Zee5 from May 10

Movie Name dRangDe has already been released in cinema on 26th March 2021 date. Venky Alturi’s people and fans love the performance in the film.

The film has collected more money than the theoretical release in the month of March. People are going to watch movies in theatres.

However, there has been a decrease in the cases of Kovid in India in the month of March. The second wave has not started yet. After the release of the film, the second wave of corona has started in India.

Rang De release in cinema

Due to the second wave, people are facing a lot of difficulties for watching movies and watching movies. However, now the government has completely banned all cinemas and cinema houses for the public. No one can go to the cinema.

So that the film does not collect the money as it belongs. So that the director of the film, who is an Indian, has decided to release the film on the OTT platform so that fans can watch the film at their home.

Rang De: Story & Cast

The story of the film Rangade is a love story. However, the director has also included drama and action in the story.

Due to the combination of love, drama and action, the film has become the most interesting for the fans.

In the beginning of the film, both the lead actors are fighting among themselves and then making up their mind to fight them. After that, the director creates some circumstances to meet him again.

As per the situation, the lead actor and actress are bonding with each other creating an emotional connection between them. The film shows that love knows no bounds. Love also has the power to unite everyone.

Due to the covid myocardial infarction, fans can no longer watch the film on the silver screen, as we know the director has to take the decision of releasing the film on the OTT platform.

Now this decision will make you shudder with joy after watching this film. You can make the film on OTT platform. The OTT platform on which the film is available is named ZEE5 Premium.

Fans can watch this film on the OTT platform from May 10. Everyone creates their own ZEE5 premium online mode, and then people can watch the movie named Rangade.