Rappers King, EPR, Dino James, Dee MC to mentor new talent on ‘Hustle 2.0’

Rappers King, EPR, Dino James, Dee MC will mentor new talent on MTV ‘Hustle 2.0’ (Photo Credits – Instagram)

After inducting Badshah as a judge, rap reality show MTV ‘Hustle 2.0’ has introduced four squad bosses, King, EPR, Dino James and D MC, to train 16 contestants on the show and they are part of it. Preparing to become His expectations from the contestants and season 2.

Arpan Kumar Chandel, better known by his stage name King, participated in the first season in 2019, talks about his journey from a contestant to squad boss on the rap reality show.

King said, “From being a participant to being a squad boss, my journey with the show will always be an integral part of my life as an artiste. I am happy to be a part of this experience once again, as I get to be a part of the contestants. It will be a learning experience for all and I am all set for a musical blast.

Each of the four squad owners will have a different team competing against each other and will be selected based on their writing, rapping and performances.

Santhanam Srinivasan popularly known by his stage name EPR says that this season there is going to be more diversity in terms of talent and language is no barrier to identify them.

“Hip hop as a way of life and the art form of rhythm and poetry (rap) is gaining increasing momentum and widespread acceptance, with the constant emergence of diverse new talents across the length and breadth of our country. The language for rap There are no hurdles,” he shares.

Dino James, on the other hand, also says: “The show is alive with vibrancy and incredible raw talent. I feel that the contestants have a lot of scope to grow through this all-inclusive platform that supports individuality and experimentation. After all, rap is not a straight jacket art.”

Deepa Unnikrishnan, popular among music lovers of DMC, is on the hunt for new compositions and rapping styles in Season 2.

She shares: “I followed the first season for the immense talent she displayed. And now it feels wonderful to be a part of this journey. The Season One contestants impressed everyone and taught us new things too. I look forward to the new season only with high energy and patience in terms of ideas, thoughts and concepts.”

rapper With Badshah as the judge, ‘Hustle 2.0’ will soon air on MTV.

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