Re Styles Dies: Costume Designer, Actress And Singer WIth The Tubes Was 72

restyleswho recorded and sang with tube And contributed to his unique stage costume, has died. According to several news accounts, she was 72 years old and passed away on April 17.

Born Shirley MacLeod in 1950 in the Netherlands, she modeled at Penthouse and Playboy, then appeared in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film Holy mountains and Sun Ra’s science fiction film Space is space.

She met The Tubes at an art school show and quickly became involved with the troupe. By 1975, she herself was coordinating his clothing and stage maneuvers while appearing on stage. In a memorable take, she appeared as heiress Patty Hearst. She also wore leather clothes and danced with the lead singer. fee waybill During the song “Mondo Bandhan”. In 1979, she married Tubbs drummer Prairie Prince.

Styles performed the female lead vocals on the 1979 album Tubbs hit “Prime Time”. remote controlled. That 1980 film. appeared in xanadu with The Tubes, but stopped performing with the group by the time they released their fifth album at the end of that year.

No information has been released about survivors or memorial plans.