Reach & Strauss Are The Two Sports Brands That Are Worth Every Penny – From Yoga, Gym Equipment To Acupuncture, Here’s How You Can Achieve Fitness At Home!

Reich & Strauss Are Two Sports Brands That Are Worth Every Penny

In a time where everyone is just addicted to screens and technology, we hardly get time to move our bodies. OK, let me be honest here and rephrase this instead of ‘we barely want to move our bodies’. I don’t know about you all but the only thing that works for me throughout the day is to drag myself to the gym or do some physical activity that I enjoy. Now, we have often seen celebrities working out at home due to their busy schedules; What if we told you that you can do the same and that too on a budget. Yes! Reich and Strauss are two sports brands that will accomplish this for you. Scroll down to read about these brands.

And I am not just asking for it, rather I have been using products from both the brands and it has exceeded my expectations if I may say so. I am someone who is into fitness but have experienced phases where I don’t want to go out and do anything. just a little too much to drag yourself out of bed when your mental health takes a toll.

And what better way to improve your mental health than with a good workout session. It has been proven that exercise can help you with mood swings, depression, anxiety and also helps in building better self-esteem.

And that’s okay if you don’t want to go to the gym, yoga class, or just outside in general, Reich & Strauss can get you your equipment at home and you’re sorted.

let’s talk about Strauss Firstly, they have designed their products with new technology and are very comfortable to use. They offer a wide range of equipment for everything from yoga to gyms to outdoor physical activities.

Here is the list of products for Yoga –

Yoga Accessories with Yoga Mats, Massage Balls, Yoga Blocks, Foam Rollers, Yoga Wheels.

List of products for strength training –

Hand strengtheners, exercise wheel, push ups and pull up bars, weights, expanders and dumbbells.

List of fitness accessories –

Exercise balls, resistance bands, resistance tubes, step platforms, skipping ropes, gym gloves, waist trimmers and muscle strengtheners.

In addition, the brand also offers cycling accessories and sports equipment including cricket bats, balls, badminton, tents, skateboards and protective gear. Not only this, with their tummy twister you can multitask and do acupuncture at home.

let’s talk about the access Now, the brand focuses on providing you the best home gym machines and exercise equipment. It comes with a wide variety of revolutionary fitness equipment.

The brand has a wide range of treadmills which range from Rs 10 thousand to Rs 81 thousand. They also have cycles ranging from Rs 2 thousand to Rs 28 thousand. The brand also has ellipticals ranging from 10K to 55K.

The list does not end here, Reach also has an affordable range of fitness accessories for leg massagers and strengthening equipment.

So to conclude your article, with Reich and Strauss, your physical activity will be sorted. You don’t necessarily need to go all out in terms of workouts, just get yourself some essential workout accessories and equipment and well, you still have time to work on that. Heat body and b**ty!

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